Studio Policies


  • Close fitting, comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion is required for all classes (e.g. leggings and fitted shirts). Clothing with zippers, hooks, and ties are not recommended for fabric based classes.
  • For aerial classes: knees, armpits, and waists are required to be covered. Men are encouraged to wear supportive clothing (such as a strap or dance belt).
  • Please do not wear jewelry, and tape over body piercings so they cannot snag or catch on a person or apparatus.
  • Longer hair should be securely fastened.
  • Shoes may not be worn on the mats.


  • No food is allowed on the mats. Drinks in containers that can be closed are allowed on the mats (they must remain closed when not in use).
  • Snacks may be eaten in the waiting area, in the kitchen, or on the patio.


  • If you, or another student are injured in class, please let an instructor know immediately.
  • Be sure to respect your body. If you are having a day when you feel off, let your instructor know and stay close to the ground. Instructors will request this of you if they feel you are not in an aerial frame of mind that day (including such things as sleep deprivation, not having eaten enough, illness, etc.). It’s nothing personal, we all have off days when we should not be in the air.
  • There can be no drug or alcohol use prior to coming to Suspend. This includes medicines which diminishes judgement or motor skills. Please use good sense, but also know that if an instructor suspects that anyone is impaired, the instructor will prevent that person from participating, practicing, using equipment, and may ask them to leave the gym.

Class Etiquette

  • Please wait to get onto the mats until invited by the instructor.
  • If you cannot attend a class you are registered for, please remove yourself from the on-line attendance. We want to make sure that people on the waiting list have the opportunity to attend.
  • At Suspend we want to maintain a welcoming environment for people of all ages, levels, and abilities. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated. Please welcome newer students, showing them that Suspend has a playful and inspiring atmosphere, which encourages health and community.

Supervised Practice

  • You are only allowed to use equipment that you have been trained on by an instructor of Suspend
  • Supervised Practice is time to review and improve skills you have learned IN CLASS at Suspend. You MAY NOT teach yourself new skills.
  • You may NOT teach other participants new skills.
  • Spotting conditioning exercises is encouraged. Leave the aerial skills spotting to the instructors.
  • If the instructor on duty feels that something you are doing is not safe for you to practice during Supervised Practice you must stop until approval is agreed upon by your class instructor and the instructor on duty at Supervised Practice.
  • Share the equipment, warm yourself up before getting on it, and always have an appropriate mat underneath you. If this is unclear to you, check with the instructor on duty.
  • If you are not attending classes at Suspend, you must call ahead to get approval to participate in Supervised Practice. Upon your arrival, the instructor on duty will orient you to the gym’s rules and policies.
  • If you are not attending classes at Suspend, you may not do any drops or rolls without Instructor permission.
  • Suspend is a place for everyone to learn at their own pace, and to provide an atmosphere of encouragement and positivity! Please help us keep Suspend awesome by treating each other with respect.

Suspend Louisville

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