Other Great packages

  • Includes unlimited classes and Open Fly. Expires 30 days from first use.


Membership includes unlimited classes and unlimited Open Fly hours.
It does not include workshops, private, or semi-private lessons.

1 Year Auto-Debit
$2100 total for 1 year
6 Month Auto-Debit
$1110 total for 6 months
1 Year All-at-Once
$158.33/mo for 1 year

Class Cards

  • You must take the Introduction to Aerials session before taking any aerial classes or workshops (this doesn’t apply to conditioning, flexibility, yoga or juggling).
  • Class cards do not include Open Fly or drop-in juggling.

Drop-In Class
Purchase online or at Suspend
5-Class Card
Expires 60 days from first use
10-Class Card
Expires 120 days from first use
20-Class Card
Expires 6 months from first use
40-Class Card
Expires 12 months from first use

Other class items

  • Drop-in Open Fly: (non-members)
    $10 per Hour
  • Drop-in Juggling: No previous skills required.