Introduction to Aerials

New to Aerials?
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This is a 4-class orientation to the aerial arts.

Multiple aerial apparatuses will be introduced:
  • Silks
  • Trapeze
  • Aerial Rope
  • Aerial Hoop
Students will focus on developing:
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Form
  • Alignment
This is perfect for individuals interested in aerials with little to no background in cirque arts.
All fitness levels are welcome.
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Introduction classes for the younger ones too…

  • Child Intro to Aerials – This class is designed for students ages 5-8.
  • Youth Intro to Aerials – This class is designed for younger students (8 years old and up)

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Want to try it out first?

    • Cirque Sampler – Our Cirque Sampler introduces students to basic moves on silks, trapeze, aerial hoop, and juggling. Bring your friends! Bring your kids! Bring dad! Bring grandma! This drop-in class is aimed at giving students a bite-size sample of all of the fun stuff available at Suspend.

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Aerial Arts

Aerial Silks (or ‘tissu’ or ‘fabric’) is an aerial apparatus comprised of long, draping fabric, suspended from the ceiling. Aerialists learn to manipulate and climb the fabric, allowing them to combine feats of strength and fluidity. Many people think of this as dancing in the air.
Aerial Hoop
Lyra (or ‘aerial hoop’ or ‘cerceaux’) is an aerial apparatus comprised of a suspended, large, circular, metal ring. Aerialists use the lyra to exhibit strength and flexibility, sometimes incorporating rotational movement. In this class, students will learn various mounts and dismounts, small sequences of movement, below, inside, and above the hoop.
Static Trapeze is a metal or fiber carbon bar, suspended by rope or cording, from either a single or double point. In this class, aerialists learn various ways to mount and dismount, small sequences of movement, both above and below the trapeze bar.
Aerial Rope
Aerial Rope is an aerial apparatus comprised of a corded braid, suspended from the ceiling. It can be used with or without a hand grip to vary the visual appeal of the movement. This challenging apparatus combines strength, endurance, and physical tolerance.
Introduction to Aerials is required before enrollment into any Aerial Arts class, unless exempted by instructor approval.


This is a progressing class…

  • Prerequisite
  • Level Up
  • Ongoing Classes
  • Your Pace
  • Start with Introduction to Aerials, a 4-class session.
  • We have different levels of classes for each skill
  • Each level is ongoing; no need to wait for a session to begin – jump in any time.
  • Stay at a level as long as you like or need. Advance when you are ready.

Cirque Fitness

Aerial Conditioning
This challenging full body workout includes floor exercises to simulate aerial skills technique, as well as several aerial apparatuses, to increase strength and stamina. This class will increase performance in other aerial classes, as well as help reach specific physical goals (such as pullovers, inversions, and climbing).
Aerial Fitness & Flexibility
Open to all levels of fitness, this circuit based class helps student develop or maintain strength, endurance, and increased flexibility. This is an excellent class for developing the fitness required in aerial classes, or to improve overall physique.
Flexibility & Mobility Training
This 60 minute class is geared towards increased flexibility and balance. The instructor will lead, and assist participants through a series of exercises designed to increase mobility in a kinesthetically sound manner.


Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga uses aerial slings, which are hammock-like silks suspended from the ceiling. Aerial slings allow for unique modifications of traditional yoga poses, which expands the student’s exploration of his or her practice.

Some knowledge of basic yoga may be helpful, but not required.

Please bring your own yoga mat to class.

Suspended Meditation
This guided practice uses mindfulness techniques and an emphasis on breath and posture to strengthen willpower and calm the mind. It provides a retreat in the middle of the day to refocus and set intentions. Participants are invited to use our hammocks, or to do this seated practice in a more traditionally grounded position.

Please bring your own yoga mat to class.

Ground-Based and Flow Arts

Acro Balancing
Want to learn how to work with a partner and get in to fun, nifty poses? This class will teach students how to use their trust in each other while engaging in adagio lifts and partner acrobatics. Students will develop strength, balance, and confidence in themselves and each other as they work together in duos. NO PREREQUISITES. All abilities welcome.
Hula-Hoop Dance
It’s time to got hoopy! Hoop dancing is a fantastic alternative fitness form that improves balance, flexibility, and core strength. In this all-levels class, we will cover hula hoop tricks to be incorporated in each student’s personal hoop dance style and practice. Students will learn waist hooping, various off- and on-body tricks, as well as foot and leg hooping.
Using progressions from beginning tripods through advanced hand balancing, this class is sure to turn your world upside down! All levels welcome!
Dexterity, Juggling, and Balance
Develop your abilities to manipulate objects with your body. We’ll improve coordination and develop fine muscle control by using a variety of props, working on balancing, catching, rolling, and spinning. A portion of the time will also be spent on traditional juggling. Additionally, this class will begin training students in the practice of balancing, including rola bola. Open to ALL skill levels; no pre-requisites. Ages 12 and up.
Drop-in Juggling
“Drop In”…get it? This is totally free workshop-like meeting where jugglers of all abilities meet, share tricks and techniques, and help each other out. Don’t know how to juggle? We’ll teach you. Awesome juggler looking for juggle-buddies? We’re here for ya. Stop by, give it a shot – we’ll supply the equipment.

Youth Aerials

Youth Introduction to Aerials
This class is designed for younger students (8 years old and up), who have little to no experience with aerial arts. Students will learn basic skill and movement combinations on a variety of apparatuses. This challenging class is for younger students serious about developing aerial talents and knowledge.
Child Introduction to Aerials
This class is designed for much younger students (ages 5-9), who have little to no experience with aerial arts. Students will learn basic skill and movement combinations on a variety of apparatuses. This challenging class is for younger students serious about developing aerial talents and knowledge. NO PREREQUISITES.
Youth Mixed Apparatus
In this class, we build on skills developed in Introduction to Youth Aerials. Multiple aerial apparatuses—silks, trapeze, rope, aerial hoop, etc.—will be used, focusing on form, alignment, and skill development.
Parent-Child Aerials
This class gives both parents and their children (under 7) a chance to play together while working on developing and fine tuning gross motor skills, both right side up and upside down! Parents are encouraged to be active participants, to provide proactive modeling with a focus on creative movement.