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Where are you located?
We have 3000 square feet of gym space at:
  • 721 E. Washington St
  • Louisville, KY 40202
  • 502.287.0460
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How much do classes cost?
Classes at Suspend are between $18-25 per class, depending on the class and package pricing. This cost reflects the small student-teacher ratio, which allows for careful supervision and one-on-one attention.
I don’t have upper body strength. Can I do this?
Students come to Suspend to get upper strength; we do not assume students have it prior to taking our classes. We offer a variety of fitness courses such as Aerial Conditioning, Aerial Yoga, Aerial Fitness and Flexibility, and our 4-class Introduction to Aerials, to develop the strength needed for aerials.
Is it dangerous?
There is risk in all physical movement. However, Suspend’s primary objective is to provide a safe environment to minimize these risks. We accomplish this in several ways:
  • Safety mats are required.
  • Our instructors are CPR certified.
  • Our curriculum is designed with specific linear progressions, tailored to each student’s unique needs and skill level. We do not allow students to attempt movements that are beyond their strength and skill set.
  • We have a small student-teacher ratio, enabling individual spotting.
  • Our instructors have been through extensive training from established professionals, and continue to pursue advanced aerial instruction.
  • All rigging is inspected regularly by specialized professionals, in addition to daily safety checks performed by instructors.
  • Instructors, staff, and participants are expected to be encouraging of one another, making the gym not only physically safe, but welcoming and supportive.
I’m scared of heights. Can I still do this?
Absolutely! All of our introductory courses begin with training from the ground. Our curriculum is designed with careful spotting and linear progressions. As students develop strength and confidence over time, they can choose to practice skills higher up. However, students are never required to do anything that they are not comfortable with. Skills can always be modified so that the student is near or on the ground.

One of our instructors actually began aerials with a fear of heights!

Where should I start? Which classes should I take if this is my first time?
If you have never taken a class at Suspend before, we have a New Student 30-Day Package that includes a 4-Class Introduction to Aerials session, unlimited Cirque Fitness, Yoga, and Aerial Fitness and Flexibility. Try us out!
Are there age restrictions?
As long as the student feels comfortable engaging in physical movement, she or he can take aerial classes, at any age.

We offer parent-child classes where children as young as 2 can participate. Our youth aerials are aimed at students aged 8 years and up. Our adult aerial classes are aimed at students 18 and older.

Our instructors have taught individuals in aerial classes as young as 2 to mid-70s. Any aerial skills can be modified to accommodate individual student needs.
What should I wear?
Close fitting, comfortable clothing that allows full range of motion is required for all classes (e.g. leggings and fitted shirts). Clothing with zippers, hooks, and ties are not recommended for fabric based classes.

For aerial classes: knees, armpits, and waists are required to be covered. Men are encouraged to wear supportive clothing (such as a strap or dance belt).

Please do not wear jewelry, and tape over body piercings so they cannot snag or catch on a person or apparatus.

Longer hair should be securely fastened.
What are the benefits?
Lots! Let me explain…no, there is too much. Let me sum up:
  • Aerial classes are a total body workout! They increase muscle strength and definition, and help participants increase their range of motion and flexibility.
  • Participation in classes at Suspend will help you increase your body awareness as you learn to interpret bodily cues while in a variety of unfamiliar positions. You will work on skills with both sides of your body, as well as while upside down!
  • Aerial classes are fun! They are a wonderful integration of dance, gymnastics, pilates and circus all in one! Not only do they provide an excellent way to improve physical fitness, but the aerial arts are a wonderful way to promote self-expression through movement.
  • Classes are challenging, both mentally and physically. When progress is made, it feels momentous, and these successes can boost self-confidence!
  • Physical activity can be a wonderful way to relieve stress!